Photo by Luz Maria Guzman Fernandez

Speak Out: This is some serious SH**T!

Right in our beach, in front of Villas Latinas,  there are toilets installed with drainage leading to three plain tanks. These containers of wastewater and fecal matter have no permits; no pipes and are at risk of rupture.

It has been reported that individuals charge $5 pesos for the use of these “facilities”. How the tanks are emptied is perturbingly not clear, the contents could be being poured onto the ocean, we don’t know. Clearly, this irregular operation threatens our beach, our water and our reefs.

Craigs panoramic
Photo by LocoLocal Craig McGregor

Standing up for what’s right is what true LocoLocals do.  Puerto  Morelos’ community decided that enough was enough and has mobilized to settle an issue of public health, as well as basic civility -to be blunt.

The group “Consultoría Jurídica Ambiental” published on its FB page that since last April an official complaint was placed at PROFEPA. PROFEPA is the government organization whose mission is precisely to ensure environmental justice through the application of federal environmental law via attention to citizen complaints. No real action was taken, further more, the Deputy of PROFEPA refused to close the toilet operations.

So as to demonstrate people’s concern, LocoLocal Luz Maria Hernandez de Jesús invited those who disagree with this illicit practice to join in a demonstration  this Saturday October 4 through PLAYA DE PUERTO MORELOS CONTAMINADA  Facebook event.

Fortunately, the movement gained momentum and the ball is rolling –Yei! Power to the People- For one, Luz Maria reported that “the toilets have stoped being used”.

Photo by Luz Maria Guzman Fernandez

Additionally, PROFEPA’s complaint appears to be moving forward now. ATTENTION, this is why, the manifestation is now SUSPENDED (but only until further notice), so stay tuned LocoLocals this is not over until we see our beaches clean and do-do free!

Us LocoLocals must harness the power of speaking up and demonstrate that we care about the environment. We love our beaches & we love our reefs, missusing them will not be tolerated in this town.


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