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Organic Eggs: ¿Over and easy? NOT!

Chances are that if you live in Mexico huevos – and I am talking about good old chicken eggs here- are part of your diet.

Eggs are delicious! and depending on your overall lifestyle, they can be excellent for you. Gram per gram eggs are some of the most nutritious foods you can have. They keep well for a long time when stored properly and if that wasn’t enough, there are at least 100 ways to cook them. For those of us who do a little more eating than cooking, off the top of my toque barren head, I can think of a number of tasty options:

  • poached
  • scrambled
  • hard boiled
  • soft boiled
  • pickled
  • baked
  • omelet style
  • over easy
  • sunny side up (like my outlook in life) Did I mention they are flipping delicious?

With all this perks we should make sure momma chicken is treated right, right?

Truth is, most chickens endure life confined in battery cages were they cant move, deprived of sunlight, struck by artificial light to induce egg production and with  their beaks mutilated for easier handling.  It really ain’t like this:

This is what a chicken dream must looks like!

 If we don’t have the stomach for the heartbreaking images, is it OK to have the stomach for the eggs?

LocoLocals, be part of the solution, a huevo! Each peso you spend is a vote you cast, your money supports one way of farming over another directly. You can continue to enjoy the delicious goodness of eggs while ensuring that our feathery friends are treated with dignity. Support free-range huevos!



Where to find them?

The only place I have been able to find free range eggs so far has been at:IMG_1135

Rancho Tigre Grande,
Open: Monday to Saturday 7AM to 2PM (Or any day just knock on their door)
 Location:  a little beyond Pomo, right on Carretera Federal, 10km south of Puerto Morelos.

If you sell free-range eggs, or know someone that does, we would like to hear from you! Just drop an e-mail to

As professional eater, graduated with honors from “Husband is a Great Cook University” I can assure you, free range eggs are the only way to go. Their means of production dignify the animal that feeds you, they are fresher and hence, easier to cook with, healthier and tastier.


Just try cooking, (by cooking I mean eating) a dish of Eggs Florentine covered in generous dollops of decadent, silky, Hollandaise Sauce made with fresh free-range eggs, go to gourmet heaven and thank me later. You can also use chaya instead of spinach and give a little healthy twist to this Sunday brunch favorite. Or  if you are in a laid back mood, eat out! El Nicho makes some of the best egg dishes in town!

Trust me, both your palate and the entire chicken community of Mexico will thank you.


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