Puerto Morelos + #PeoplesClimate

Making headlines this week is what is being called “the biggest climate march in history“.  With more than 2k events planned in 150 countries, citizens around the globe call for immediate action through rallies, marches, protests and happenings.

Social media has been swamped with the official hashtag -#PeoplesClimate- with more than 69k tweets published just on the past 7 days, according to Topsy.

Layla Guesthouse will be the venue for the Equinox party. Robin and Steve will be the hosts.
Layla Guesthouse will be the venue for the Equinox party. Robin and Steve will be the hosts. Bring a drum.

Puerto Morelos’ LocoLocals have decided to join in.  We have learned of at least 3 happenings occuring on the 21st of september:

  • Beach clean-up at 8am (meeting point at the Lighthouse, bring bag and a hat)
  • March Against Climate Change at 4pm (meeting point at Unico Beach Club)
  • Equinox Party at 9pm (Layla Guest House is hosting, bring your own drinks and something for the grill)

These events are promoted by concerned citizen Rosemarie Moral (peruvian expat),  local community organizer Robin Brown and Steve Lew from SoMo Neighborhood’s Layla Guesthouse.

By attending these events we are being part of something bigger. LocoLocals are concerned with finding local solutions to global problems, and also having tons of fun while doing it.

According to peopleclimates.org’s official press release: “The largest event will be in New York where upwards of 100,000 people are expected to come together to demand leaders take action in advance of the Ban Ki Moon climate summit that takes place two days later”.

“There’s a vast latent constituency of people out there who are alarmed about climate change. But for years, nobody has put up a banner that said ‘this is the time, this is the place, to show you care.’ The People’s Climate March is that banner, and we’re seeing a phenomenal response to it,” said Ricken Patel, Executive Director of the 38-million member civic organization, Avaaz.

 Us LocoLocals agree.

Action not words!

The worldwide mobilization and march in New York City will take place just two days before world leaders are set to attend a Climate Summit at the United Nations hosted by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The summit is designed to build momentum for national and international climate action, including a new global climate treaty that will be finalized in Paris next year. Mobilization organizers say they are looking for “Action, Not Words” at the summit.

“The scale, pace, and power of the organizing happening right now is something that we haven’t seen before,” said May Boeve, executive director of the international climate campaign, 350.org. “People realize that we can’t leave the fate of the planet up to our politicians. We need to come together, raise our voices, and apply pressure where it counts.”

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