Operation Blue Crab Starts Today

If you love wildlife, here is an amazing opportunity to get involved Beyond PoMo! Every year, thousands of blue crabs leave their homes in the mangroves of Nichupte Lagoon, to lay their eggs in the white sand beaches of Cancun. ¿Sounds like a beautiful sight, right?

It could very well be, if it wasn’t for the small creatures having to cross the Hotel Zone’s main road facing a very dangerous journey. But, you can’t stop nature. So, in order to protect them Ecología Cancun organizes a rescue operation to help these guys arrive safely to their destination.

The even will take place  at  Playa del Niño, Playa Las Perlas, Playa El Mirador, Punta Nizuc and around the Tajamar breakwater. These areas are the ones chosen by the largest numbers of blue crabs to lay their eggs.

Kids are welcome, accompained by their parents.
Kids are welcome, accompained by their parents.

Felipe Villanueva, director of the Cancun Ecology Office, when interviewed by The Playa Times asked that volunteers support this year´s blue crab campaign by calling (998) 184 6392, where he will personally inform them of how they can support the project, or look out for posts on various local social media.

If interested in joining the rescue team don’t forget you will need:

  • Flashlight
  • Mosquitoe repellent
  • White clothes
  • Rawhide gloves
  • Buckets

Local authorities also urge you to use public transport and not to arrive in an incovenient state (no drinking allowed during the event either).




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