Operación Kangrejo to officially launch its album!

Those who really really know me, know what live music does to my spirit. So living just downstairs from Anuska Moracho -my rockstar sax-player neighbor- is quite uplifting.

That being said, what Manuel Del Valle, who -among other things-manages the property Anuska and I live in (Mono Azul) by day and plays some kick-ass bass at night, told me on friday ROCKED MY WORLD.

Turns out, beloved local band Operación Kangrejo, will finally debut on iTunes this November! For those who still haven’t caught on with Puerto Morelos’ musical scene, you can click here to hear their music.

The Puerto Morelos band is classified into the World Music genre. Its members: Razcarmelo (Lead Vocals/Guitar),  Roki ChanGora (Drums/Percussions/Vocals), Manuel del Valle Prieto (Bass), Anuska Moracho (Sax),  Krystian Alonso (Electric Guitar) and Raymond Hall (Synth). 

Take a look at their official video for Babylon Song:

Lyrics are inspirational, and in a sense, a bit devotional too. Most of them are written by Razcarmelo. Now, no matter if the song is slow-tempo or so crazy you are jumping up and down and bumping into other people in the dance floor, you will surely end up with a quirky smile on your face!

The group played last friday at La Sirena, to kick off their pre-launch tour. Today they are off to Merida. Mexico City will be next. Our veredict= 100% Chingón!

You have to hear them live to really understand how good they are. Until then, here is a little video from the yearly Puerto Morelos Music Festival



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