October Beach Clean Up Report

Yesterday a group of 5 people led by Robin Brown gathered for the “First Saturday of the Month Beach Clean Up” rutinely organized by Layla Guest House.

This time, in addition to hat, glasses and water bottle, participants were asked to waer their swimsuits as they would be cleaning the first 10 yards of the sea and analyzing their “catch”.

“We want to get an idea of where this stuff comes from so we can shut off the flow,  tracing back to the source!”, said Robin in his Facebook invite.

Now for the good news:  The group reported that they collected 18 kg (40 lbs) of garbage. Then they weighed, analyzed, photographed, and recycled it!

The bad news: the source of the garbage . 65% of what was collected was left behind by those who go to the beach and enjoy a good time. But wait, that is not all. 15% of the garbage relates directly to the snorkeling fishing boats’ water bottles and styrofoam plates etc…. and 1% from cruise ships’ kitchens and garbage. The remaining 18% was plastic garbage washed up from the sea ( dumped ).

Basically this means thst our beaches are dirty because WE ARE LITTERING! It is mostly local garbage from people and students using the beach….

¿What can be done? A campaign calling for people not to clean the beach but to not litter in the first place, according to the clean up participants. We agree.


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