Mayan Wood to Embellish your Table

Rick Yeabsley, from Seattle, recently launched his Etsy shop.

You can’t miss out! Local expat Rick Yeabsley will be leaving Seattle and heading to our beloved Puerto Morelos in a few days and he is offering what could be labeled a  #LocoLocal discount on his amazing turned wood bowls!

You can support his artsy endeavor by visiting his Etsy shop: WestSeattleWoodworks. To jump-start this new business, Rick is offering a local discount. You can contact him via Etsy or (if you are friends with him) through Facebook.

So, if you are madly in love with local trees (like us) this is a very unique way to bring them into your home. Pay special attention the Caribbean Collection, as he showcases quite a few bowls made of local wood such as Tzalam (also called Caribbean Walnut), Katalox, and even some Ziricote.

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