5 Magical SuperMoons captured by Michael Maurus

2fd51a6If you are anything like us, you probably learn what’s happening in our beloved Puerto Morelos through the Friends of Puerto Morelos Facebook Page.

Now, if you are truly a LocoLocal, then you must have seen at least one of Michael Maurus’ breathtaking pictures somewhere in there. Or maybe you have decided to buy or rent a place in the Mayan Riviera after falling in love with a property thanks to his mastery of the lens.

Michael is a local expat that captures stunning photos that make clear the privilege of living in our village. Originally from Munich, Germany, he arrived to Puerto Morelos after living some years in Cancun.

He has an amazing track-record in the photo industry, with high-profile work in the corporate, fashion, wedding, food and beverage, real-estate, behind the scenes, and architecture segments.

But of all of Michael’s work, our favorite is that in which the moon is cast as the leading lady.

I always love Puerto Morelos, but during Super Moon nights, as we had a while ago, it is just magical”, said Michael on a Facebook post.

This german photographer is not only disciplined and talented, but truly generous with his gifts. He continuosly offers courses, tips and video tutorials so that you can create amazing things.

Michael Maurus embodies what Puerto Morelos is all about! So here is a small sample of Michael’s Super Moon magic, with her ladyship the moon as leading lady:

1. Reminding us of a scene of Melancholia, a film by Lars Von Trier:

Supermoon as seen from Puerto Morelo’s Main Square.


2. Serving as a spectacle, free of charge:

Super Moon night at the Puerto Morelo’s Malecón


3.  Past Amar Inn, looking a bit lazy:

Super Moon’s light show by the boardwalk


4. Fit for a vampire queen:

Super Moon’s road to darkness and solitude


5. Not a Super Moon, but amazing nonetheless:

Quarter moon by the old lighthouse






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