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7 Reasons why LocoLocals walked for Gaia

1. We LOVE having fun

Ok, in Puerto Morelos, 1+1 might be a date, BUT 2+1 is ALWAYS a party. So, if there is a gathering where friendly, loving, open-minded people will be we don’t need too much convincing. Add to that a common purpose and we’ll surely show up (and worry about drinks and food later on haha)!

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 2. We are aware that we are co-creators of our reality

Living in such close contact with nature, the consequences of our actions are felt more immediately: We destroy the mangrove, and the streets flood up; we disregard safety precautions and soon we hear of an accident; we spend all our cash, we can’t go out to dinner with our friends (ATMs tend to run out of money or be offline quite a bit) here; we don’t wear sunscreen, OUCH! You get the picture.

So, seeing as there is no “Planet B”,  we will voice our opinions on how to care for this one.

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3. The kids made us do it!

We’ve begun to think that Puerto Morelos is run by kids. Some are 4 years old, some are 60, but kids nonetheless. We love to laugh, we don’t loose our sense of wonder, we can be pretty mischievieus. This is a very kid-friendly town, with children running around till late at night in the main square pretending not to be bitten by the mosquitoes as we watch them play. Dozens of activities are available for them every month.

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4. We wanted to be part of the biggest climate change event

Yes we are committed with finding local solutions to global problems. So when we heard of the #PeoplesClimate initiative, we couldn’t miss out.

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5. To formalize our views by signing a petition

All talk and no action? That’s not for us. After the march, we gathered in the main square to sign a letter meant for the local and state authorities to understand our needs regarding cliamte change, urban development and the reef barrier, sustainable growth, recycling, trash disposal and animal walefare.

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6. Because the Mayor said he would do something about it

 Leonel Medina Mendoza, Puerto Morelo’s mayor seemed happy about the towns citizens rallying vs. climate change. In his speech he said he would do everything possible to fulfill our demands.

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7. We love to hear our local heros talk on stage!

Oscar Canul took the stage to talk about the Feria de Trueque y Red Libertaria (a barter-based organization that also promotes responsible consumption in the region and evrything eco-friendly), where he is co-founder. He is Puerto Morelos’ authority on organic and non-GMO agiculture and organizes a monthly eco-friendly farmer’s market. Don’t miss out, their greens and grains are AMAZING!

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  1. The day was full of thoughts and actions to protect our planet…! Actions took place all around the globe, with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets, including the streets and beaches of PoMo! Our Puerto Morelos. ! Presente!

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