Keep Calm and Enjoy a Caguama

Do you know that feeling you get when a song gets imprinted not on your mind, but in your heart? Its almost magical. My “Puerto Morelos is Home” soudtrack started one lazy morning on my way to Chulim, the fruit shop in the Colonia.

It was the very first time I’d listened to “Verde Más Allá” -a song by Jenny and the Mexicats- and I couldn’t help but smile. It had just happened. I’d found “the song”.

I was driving my beat-up Mini down from the highway into town. That 2km stretch of mangrove that leads into the port began feeling like the road home minutes after I began singing it very loudly…

“A ella no le gusta trabajar, lo que le gusta es bailar, moviendo las caderas siempre va, con su Caguama”. Which translates to:

“She doesn’t like to work at all, what she really likes is to dance, swaying her hips with a Caguama”.

What is a Caguama? In Mexico we call sea turtles Caguamas. But also massive family sized beer bottles are called that.

Sea Turtle: Caguama
Sea Turtle: Caguama
Family sized beer (usually drunk by one person): Caguama
Family sized beer (usually drunk by one person): Caguama















I still keep singing it, at the top of my lungs, every chance I have. I can relate to it specially where it says: “Y yo que estoy, ciega por el sol. Guiada por la luna. Escapándome”. Which translates to:


“And its me, blinded by the sun. Guided by the moon. Escaping”.

So yes, Puerto Morelos is my escape. As is silly joyful music. I’m living in a town where I let the moon guide me and I allow myself to be me. Just me.

Join me. Singing this and dancing barefoot  qualifies as a total #LovePoMo experience (and drinking a Caguama might help too!). By the way, I don’t really drink beer.




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