Dear Chedraui, this is what’s gonna happen next:

Is what I wanted to call this article… until I realized, it is not Chedraui that I need to appeal to but the beautiful people of Puerto Morelos.

Friday October the 17th was the day –the very anticipated day I might say- in which Super Chedraui of Puerto Morelos opened its doors to the public. While most of us LocoLocals love to support our home small business some items require a trip to Playa or Cancún to be purchased and therefore, having a supermarket at our doorstep so far has being received with a welcoming smile from the community. This news got me thinking, maybe we can turn a potentially good event into an even better one. Here’s how:

Are you ready to have your mind blown away?

You might wanna seat down for this one…

So you sure you are ready for this?

[sigh]      Ok, here we go…

~ We must buy like world citizens, not like plain consumers ~


Oooorale!!! Intense right? So let me put out my patchouli incense and turn down my Very Best of Enya playlist so I can explain myself here. What I mean is, that to the best of our abilities and to the extent of what our pockets allow us, this is how every quincena we get to be the boss, we get to dictate how things are going to be.

Over time, supermarkets  get more of the products that we buy and get less or even drop the products that are not so popular. Yes, there are many other factors at work here but in essence our pesos are votes and with them we can show what are the products and companies we stand by.

gandhiYou know, when Gandhi allegedly said “be the change you want to see in the world” he probably did not expect you to drop everything, move to an Ashram in India, learn Sanskrit and meditate forever (Although if you must, thumbs up to ya!). He probably meant that together, to the best of our abilities we can set an example and support the ideas and actions that make this world a better place.

There is a version of Puerto Morelos where, we grieve our that our cenotes are  being contaminated but we buy chlorine and harsh detergents for our washing; where we fear everything is “made in China” but we don’t look for the “Hecho en México” label; where we hate to see our beach polluted with trash but use plastic bags for our groceries.

However, there is a better version of PoMo, one where we act in unison, one where we don’t grieve, we are not afraid and we don’t hate.

Chedraui’s presence gives us a chance to peso by peso show what Puerto Morelos stands for, to build the community we want, to be the change we want to see. I went to Chedraui and was very happy to find organic and biodegradable products as well as good disposition from the management team to procure healthy and environmentally safe products that I did not find in store this time around. But this is not something anybody can do alone this is a collective effort for our beloved home.

LocoLocals, why not start this quincena? No need to shave our heads and wear a dhoti, we just need to support each other’s effort and be mindful when shopping, these are my 3 secret weapons (I mean criteria) when shopping:

  1. Do I REALLY need it? Really Pathy? (don’t skip that second “really”, that’s where the truth finds it hard to hide)
  2. Is it TRULY good for me? Truly Pathy? (don’t skip that second… well you know what I mean)
  3. Could I make an even better purchase?

Let us know what you think at  and tell us how you voted with your quincena. For one, you will not see me using plastic bags for my groceries, what about you beautiful people of Puerto Morelos?


NY TIMES article on words never spoken


2 thoughts on “Dear Chedraui, this is what’s gonna happen next:”

  1. I liked your post and I think we can make a change but what I think is that you need a Spanish version so “Los locales” can read it to… The real quincena people need to see this. :)

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