A very fair, fair

Today we visited the 51º Eco-Feria de Trueque Libertaria. This bohemian fair is all about being fair with Mother Nature; producing, tasting and exchanging food and services that are good for us & good for Mumma Earth.

Logically I hear “food” and I immediately think “hells-A-yes!”, but when I learned that this Eco-Fair is all about…

  • Zero GMOs
  • Zero white flour
  • Zero artificial additives
  • Zero junk food
  • Plus 100% Solidarity

… I knew I was going to make an afternoon out of it.

The organizers made a point to avoid using the word organic and instead coined the phrase “Alimentos libres” or “Foods free-of”. The idea behind it is that the product should definitely be free of all the nasty preservatives, pesticides, colorants and other chemicals that are not actually food, however,  an organic certification is not necessary for those standards to be met, the transition to organic produce should also be supported and in some cases paying for certification deviates the producers profit in the wrong direction.IMG_1148-002

The appointment was at the palapa of DIF on Chacaa St.  next to Puerto Morelos Public Library “Nohoch Uinuc” on the Colonia side.
At 4:00 pm friendly LocoLocals and visitors from our neighboring communities arrived in cars and vans filled with wholesome goodies and began the process of setting up their “changarritos

IMG_1150In no time all kinds of great services and products were ready for sale and to be exchanged. There where free vet services, fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, gourmet homemade salsas, delicious treats like hummus, linseed crackers, breads, cakes and jams; all the products you can imagine made with local honey (toothpaste was amongst my favorite ones) various types of corn, (set up next to a bike powered mill), blue and red nixtamal dough, pure salt

from Las Coloradas, plants, books, candles, clothes and more.


A highlight was undoubtedly a talk: Dinero propio para nuestros intercambios “Money of our own, for our own exchanges” by Graciela Diaz y Oscar Canul. They explained the idea of reintroducing a modern form of trueque  with the objective of exchanging truly valuable services and products directly.

Lovely way to spend the Saturday afternoon, I left the palapa with new friends, my spirit lifted and my tummy full. Gotta love PoMo’s lifestyle.

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